Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Day 9 - Reeth to Richmond

Day 9 - Reeth to Richmond

11 miles
Start: 9:30am
Finish: 3:30pm

Stayed at Pottergate Guest House at Richmond (a B&B at last!), and ate at La Piazza Italian Restaurant at Richmond (excellent). 

Route: Reeth, Marrick Priory, Marske, Swale Gorge and Richmond. Spent an hour walking around Richmond, its market place, castle, town wall and the Royal Georgian Theatre.

Our third day through Swaledale, to one of England's finest towns - Richmond. The 'original' Richmond (of all the Richmond's in the world), as its names comes from Norman French 'riche mont' - 'strong hill'. This was the first Norman castle to be built in stone in this country. 

Richmond feels like a metropolis, compared to the villages and hamlets we've stayed at along the way so far... Rosthwaite, Patterdale, Keld and such like (as they say in Yorkshire!). So many people, lots of traffic and a choice of shops (not to mention 4G)!

The flatlands of the Vale of Mowbray beckon for the next two days....

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