Monday, 10 July 2017

Day 13 - Lion Inn to Grosmont

Day 13 - Lion Inn (Blakey Ridge) to Grosmont

13.5 miles
Start: 9:30am
Finish: 4pm

Stayed and ate at the Station Tavern at Grosmont, right next to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway - the steam train whistles made me jump a couple of times in my room!

Route: Lion Inn, head of Rosedale, Fat Betty (moorland cross), Great Fryup Dale, Glaisdale Rigg, Arncliffe Woods, Egton Bridge and Grosmont.

An easy day, almost all of which was downhill! The route skirted around the head of Rosedale to the Anglo-Saxon wheelhead moorland cross of Fat Betty. There is a tradition of placing coins on the top of these moorland crosses, for hard-up travellers. Some bright spark decided to change this tradition at Fat Betty to leaving food, which means that there is a build up of rubbish and rotting food. So, I cleared all the rubbish and packets away and we left quite a generous amount of money on the cross. So hopefully walkers will be inspired to leave money instead of litter and mess. 

From Fat Betty, the route heads to Great Fryup Dale, with magnificent views along its length, and then a long downhill along Glaisdale Rigg, with our first sighting of the North Sea. After drinks at Glaisdale, we visited Beggar's Bridge then walked through the delightful Arncliffe Wood (along the paved trod that dates from the days of packhorses) to reach lovely Egton Bridge. After assessing the stepping stones, we decided to follow the road round to the Toll Road, which took us into Grosmont. The steam trains at Grosmont are always great to see.

Had a game of darts in the evening at the Station Tavern, playing on a Yorkshire Dartboard.

1 day to go...

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