Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Day 10 - Richmond to Danby Wiske

Day 10 - Richmond to Danby Wiske

15 miles
Start: 9:30am
Finish: 4:30pm

Camped at the White Swan at Danby Wiske, although I was 'upgraded' to the hut in the camping field, which turned out to be a damp and leaky shed!  Had my worst night's sleep, but you can't appreciate the good times without the bad (I would have had a better night's sleep in my tent in the rain, but by the time I had thought of this it was raining and past midnight, so I just pulled my sleeping bag over my head and tried to sleep). Ate at the White Swan pub, which had a good selection of beer and my crumble and custard was good.

Route: Richmond, Catterick, Bolton-on-Swale, miles of boring roads, Danby Wiske.

Not a good day's walking. Drizzle all day. Long detour around the A1(M) roadworks, litter-strewn paths in places, miles of boring flat road walking, hardly any points of interest along the way (the church at Bolton-on-Swale was the highlight, as we got a cup of tea there). It is not a walk anyone in their right mind would do for pleasure, other than as part of walking from coast to coast. And to top it all I slept in a damp and leaky shed. 

The walking has to improve tomorrow...

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